Digital Mindset: The World is Digital. Are You?


Advances in technology and the digital space are breaking down barriers in markets, turning established business models on their heads, and offering new ways to engage with customers. To identify and effectively respond to tomorrow’s digital opportunities and threats, it is crucial to develop a truly digital mindset.

A digital mindset is not the ability to use technology. It is a set of attitudes and behaviors that enable people and organizations to perceive possibilities. Social media, big data, mobility, cloud, AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics are some of the big forces that are disrupting the world today, entering every aspect of life and business. For organizations to grow, they must be able to create and implement a business strategy according to the changes caused by these forces.

It is crucial to know that being a digital-savvy is not the same as having a digital mindset. Being a digital-savvy simply shows someone’s ability to use specific technologies, though it allows them to develop a digital mindset more easily. Someone with a digital mindset understands the ability of technology to democratize, scale, and speed up interaction and action. Some of the characteristics of a digital mindset are:

  • Abundance Mindset

An abundance mindset, symbolized by a collaborative and cooperative approach, open-mindedness, appreciation, and trust is an indication of a digital and connected world.

  • Growth Mindset

People with a growth mindset are likely to take every opportunity to help them perform better. These people are more likely to put in extra effort to learn new things and possess flexibility that helps them to overcome challenges.

  • Agile Approach

Being agile is more than just adapting to change. In the age of disruptive tech, we must be able to perceive and change before the need to change comes. In the digital era, this would mean being comfortable with technology, seeing change as an opportunity, and accepting new ways of working.

  • Comfort with Ambiguity

In the VUCA world, ambiguity and volatility have become the standard. It is essential to be adaptive to ambiguity; take decisions in the face of incomplete information, and course-correct as we explore and experiment. We have to prepare to deal with these uncertainties and changes.

  • Explorer’s Mind

A digital mindset also means using technology as a tool for exploration. Those who are able to explore and learn beyond their expertise will be the ones who remain relevant and bring value to themselves and the organizations they work for.

  • Collaborative Approach

We are living in a complex world with unexpected challenges. Complexity means for the diversity of thoughts, approaches, and ideas to solve issues, as past experiences and expertise are not necessarily reliable predictors of the future. Innovating and creating value requires many perspectives from different individuals who come with varied experiences and different perspectives. Collaboration is the only way to making sense of a complex world and defines new practices that work.

  • Embracing Diversity

A digital mindset essentially means going beyond the obvious and engaging in dialogues with different minds, and embracing different ideas even when they are radically different.


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