Take Accounting students out of their comfort zone


Another batch of Prasetiya Mulya Business School’s students have finished the Design Thinking course.

This time, we innovated with Accounting students to give them experience on how to innovate for the industry. There were 2 classes with 5 groups each and in total, we had 52 students joined the course.

After finished on learning each stage of Innovesia’s Design Thinking model; Stage I – Inspiration, Stage II – Ideation, Stage III – Implementation; all groups presented their solutions/projects in Final Audition. They presented the solutions/projects in front of the panel of judges: lecturers and innovator.

The best 3 solutions/projects are:

  1. Whaley: an inventory management system that leverages Kanban and EOQ (Economic Order Quantity).
  2. JUBETOR.ID: an end to end marketplace to buy, sell, and modify motorcycle for end-user and it provides inventory management for sellers.
  3. Smart Inventory for JD.ID: a smart inventory system that connects physical items with online database.

May you innovate with empathy!

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