Master Camp for Corruption Eradication Instructors


KPK (Indonesia Commission of Corruption Eradication) truly believes that to eradicate corruptions we must ax the root cause of potential circumstances. Punishing corruptor is just not enough, it must take preventive action to block the spreading cause of corruption.

KPK understands that corruption is a matter of culture, habit and behavior. It takes guts to transform Indonesia into a free of corruption culture in the community. It should start from the leader and the people. Hence KPK conducted the Master Camp on Corruption Eradication involving all elements and stakeholders of Indonesian people.

Innovesia was invited by KPK to provide training for Instructors to design a curriculum for Corruption Eradication training to be implemented nation wide. Innovesia practiced Design Thinking approach to expose and explore the insights in the Master Camp training. Then the result will be embedded into the curriculum.

Participants were: Academic, BPKP, KPK, Government Inspectorate officials, Ministry officials, business compliance managers from private sector, local community and anti-corruption activists.


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