BNI Binnova 2017 Design Thinking and Prototyping Workshop

BNI 46 is one of the Top 5 largest banks in Indonesia and has been established since 1946. BNI was the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia before the function then transferred to government’s Central Bank of Indonesia. By its culture, BNI always strives for excellence in operation and …


Business Innovation for SMEs under The Ministry of Maritime and Fishery

Innovesia team in The Ministry of Fishery and Maritime Affairs Republic of Indonesia (KKP: Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan), to run a workshop on business innovation to increase the capacity of small medium enterprises under the ministry. The 70+ participants were coming from maritime and non-maritime sectors to get the most …


Youth-centered Design Thinking workshop on Reproductive & Sexual Health

Collaborating with Rutgers WPF Indonesia, we’re serving the youth communities to empower them creating innovative ways to make their life better with more positive sexual behavior and better reproductive and sexual health. We run 2 days Design Thinking workshop on August 10-11th, 2017, to empower youth communities making innovative program …


Design Thinking for School of Idea

SOI is one of flagship programs of StudentXCEO community, designed to accommodate students in learning directly about an issue, concept or skill from inspirational figures, and to develop themselves both from hard skill and soft skill.This event is held once in two months which is packaged in the form of …


Design Thinking for Church

Sharing & Facilitating Design Thinking workshop at a church’s workshop event – Gereja Kristen Protestan Simangulun  


Design Thinking for Indonesia Stock Exchange

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has a long history which traced back to its establishment in the market since 1912 under the authority of The Dutch colonization government in The Dutch Indies (Hindia Belanda or Indonesia). Along the way, the development and growth of the capital market was not as much …


1st Healthcare Open Innovation by IMERI FKUI

IMERI (Indonesian Medical Education and Research Insititute) is the largest and the most advanced medical education and research institution in Indonesia and in South East Asia. IMERI is operating under the authority of the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia – the most reputable medical school in Indonesia. The IMERI …


Building Strategic eCommerce Road Map & Blue Print for BNI’s Rumah Kreatif

As one of the biggest banks in Indonesia, Bank BNI 46 has established a strong foundation in Indonesia economy through its banking and financial services. Bank BNI 46 has tremendous amount of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as long term customers which have a pivotal part of BNI’s growth in …


Master Camp for Corruption Eradication Instructors

KPK (Indonesia Commission of Corruption Eradication) truly believes that to eradicate corruptions we must ax the root cause of potential circumstances. Punishing corruptor is just not enough, it must take preventive action to block the spreading cause of corruption. KPK understands that corruption is a matter of culture, habit and …


Bring Citibank Further Into Digital Space by Design Thinking

Citi goes further into digital space! As one of most reputable financial institutions in Indonesia, Citi is really aware that the future lies ahead into digital space. On┬áMonday, October 3rd, 2016, Citibank Indonesia run a full day event called LEAD (Leadership Enhancement and Accelerated Development). The LEAD participants were the …

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