Makerspace Development as Innovation Industrialization Hub

Makedonia has the privilege to be visited by Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry for “FGD on Makerspace Development as Innovation Industrialization Hub“. We discussed Making Indonesia 4.0 by maximizing maker space for business incubators, to create talent and incubate the development of design products.


Innovation by Design for Mobility in Singapore

On October 2018, Innovesia had the chance to collaborate with OneMaker Group to try to accept the challenges of how to redesign a better mobility in Singapore. Innovesia used Design Thinking methodology to solve the problems around public transportation facilities. Participants had successfully gone through the full process of the …


Building eCommerce capability for BNI’46 Rumah Kreatif in Banyuwangi

Innovesia has been appointed as Innovation Consultant by BNI’46, one of the biggest banks in Indonesia, to create a wider market opportunity for local SMEs in Kabupaten Sleman and Kabupaten Banyuwangi, as part of BNI’46 corporate social responsibility. We set up the channel and created the Blue Print to enable …


DT for Airport Service Innovation – PT Angkasa Pura I

Airports in Indonesia have been re-innovating. Not just the building, airplane runways, equipment and decoration, but also airport services. It’s very important that the people, process and service are getting into the customers shoes (passengers, airlines employees and etc) to provide an innovative way of whole airport experience. The airport’s …


Tubaba Regency embraces social innovation through Human Centered Design

Tulang Bawang Barat (Tubaba) Regency is one of regencies in Lampung Province, Sumatra Island of Indonesia. This regency was established in 2008. As relatively new regency in Indonesia, Tubaba has no competitive natural resources such as oil, neither tourism destination and only survives in commodity and trade such as rubber, cassava and …