InnOvaTe 2019 – Industrial IoT Innovation with Telkomsel 2019

            Along with Makedonia, Innovesia has been chosen by Telkomsel as the advisory to run InnOvaTe 2019 – Industrial IoT Innovation with Telkomsel 2019, organized by Telkomsel Innovation Center (TINC). InnOvaTe 2019 consists of 4 Cities Roadshows to find the best talents and an upcoming Hack Day Activities on 18-19 …


Incubation and Mentoring Program for Startups focusing Industry 4.0 with @america

Innovators@america Week 1: Learning about AI and IoT, Introduction on Design Thinking The Innovators@america program has officially started with its first session last week, March 13th, 2019 at @america, Pacific Place, Jakarta. Innovesia with its group of technical reviewers has selected 10 participants from 35 applicants a week prior. The …


Embracing Industrial Revolution 4.0 at the Innovators@america Launching Event

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) movement has gone full force in Indonesia during the past year. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and internet of things have become more popular than ever, thanks to the rise of consumer electronics and startups during recent times. Innovesia has been …


Design Thinking & Sprint Boot camp to ICON+

ICON+ is a subsidiary company of PLN Indonesia, which provides IT infrastructure, services and applications. ICON+ has the vision to be the key player in IT infrastructure and application company in Indonesia. ICON+ empowers their employees to think out of the box and embraces disruptive innovations. ICON+ runs an internal …


IDXtion: Accelerating Ideas & Business Model Validation

IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) rolled out an internal innovation program and received more than 40 proposals from its employees. Then the internal committee screened and selected 7 proposals to be developed further through incubation program, facilitated by Innovesia. Innovesia designed and facilitated a 3 days incubation boot camp: “Accelerating Ideas …


Co-creation Real Time Water Pressure Sensor for PDAMs

Moving away from the image of “Makers event organizer”, Makedonia Makerspace & Innovation Hub is now focusing more on the implementation of Maker’s innovation into the real world. Assigned by IUWASH Plus and in collaboration with Innovesia and Makers, we developed the prototype of a real-time water pressure sensor for …


DT at University of Indonesia’s Innovation & Business Incubation Center

Yesterday we conducted special workshop at University of Indonesia’s Innovation and Business Incubation center. The participants are the winners of 1st stage of UI’s InnovAction competition. They are students coming from various faculties and programs. They formed a group with composition of mixed programs or faculties. This enable them to get …


DT for Business & Social Innovation at MMUI

Every Saturday we teach Design Thinking for Business and Social Innovation to new students of MMUI (Graduate School of Management University of Indonesia). The objective is to infuse the right mindset to students, and to shape their way of thinking to be more creative and innovative in dealing with their …


Design Driven Entrepreneurship at Binus Business School

Starting September 2016, I will be lecturing & facilitating Design Driven Entrepreneurship at Bina Nusantara University – International Program. Design Driven Entrepreneurship is new innovative course program by Binus Business School and attended by international undergraduate students coming from different faculties and programs: Computing science, information system, business, hospitality, fashion, …


Sprint Design – Gerakan 1000 startups digital

In August 2016, spending great time mentoring and facilitating Design Print session at Gerakan 1000 Startup Digital Indonesia (Indonesia movement to build 1000 digital startups)  

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