Bring Citibank Further Into Digital Space by Design Thinking

Citi goes further into digital space! As one of most reputable financial institutions in Indonesia, Citi is really aware that the future lies ahead into digital space. On Monday, October 3rd, 2016, Citibank Indonesia run a full day event called LEAD (Leadership Enhancement and Accelerated Development). The LEAD participants were the …


Sprint Design – Gerakan 1000 startups digital

In August 2016, spending great time mentoring and facilitating Design Print session at Gerakan 1000 Startup Digital Indonesia (Indonesia movement to build 1000 digital startups)  


Data Science Indonesia and Design Thinking

Why Data Scientists need to learn about Design Thinking?… Why NOT? Data Scientist as profession actually is not entirely new. But the job title now has been vastly growing as one of the most sought career in the world of digital and Big Data. Even so, it’s been said (or rumored) …


Innovating Healthcare products through Design Thinking

  In April to May 2016, I was facilitating the Design Thinking workshop for healthcare innovation to the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia (UI Medical School / FKUI). The participants were faculty leaders and staffs, including the Dean, Vice Deans, and Managers of IMERI (Indonesia Medical Education & Research …


Tubaba Regency embraces social innovation through Human Centered Design

Tulang Bawang Barat (Tubaba) Regency is one of regencies in Lampung Province, Sumatra Island of Indonesia. This regency was established in 2008. As relatively new regency in Indonesia, Tubaba has no competitive natural resources such as oil, neither tourism destination and only survives in commodity and trade such as rubber, cassava and …