Innovating Healthcare products through Design Thinking

  In April to May 2016, I was facilitating the Design Thinking workshop for healthcare innovation to the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia (UI Medical School / FKUI). The participants were faculty leaders and staffs, including the Dean, Vice Deans, and Managers of IMERI (Indonesia Medical Education & Research …


Design Thinking for Business Strategy – A Customer-Centered Approach

Abstract: Business strategy’s goal is to create competitive advantage – a superior unique value proposition perceived by customers and competitors. The value creation of competitive advantage has to be understanding and putting customers needs first in the business strategy formulation and activities. The quest is enabled by Design Thinking as an approach to …


DT for Pharmaceutical Sales Force

In November 2015 ago I facilitated a Design Thinking workshop for Sales & Marketing Leaders of Takeda Indonesia. As Head of Commercial Excellence Department at Takeda Indonesia, it’s my duty to ensure that the business strategy from Corporate & Marketing is very well understood and flawlessly executed at Sales Force level. In …


Design Thinking Modes for Innovation

 Repost from my article in Koran Jakarta, on Innovation & Science column, ed Tuesday, Aug 25th, 2015=============== “Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processes-and even strategy” Tim Brown, CEO and President of IDEO – Innovation & Design Firm At a market located in Kebayoran residential …


Design Thinking Sets The Mindset for Innovation

Repost from my latest article in Koran Jakarta on Innovation & Science column, ed August 18th, 2015. Translated with Google Translate – with (offcourse) my “human” translation for some phrases which were not translated adequately by Google :). “Thinking like a designer cantransform the way you develop products, services, processes-and even strategy” …


Tubaba Regency embraces social innovation through Human Centered Design

Tulang Bawang Barat (Tubaba) Regency is one of regencies in Lampung Province, Sumatra Island of Indonesia. This regency was established in 2008. As relatively new regency in Indonesia, Tubaba has no competitive natural resources such as oil, neither tourism destination and only survives in commodity and trade such as rubber, cassava and …