Cultivating The Innovation-based Culture in KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

    Komisi Tetap Inovasi (Innovation Permanent Committee) is one of the permanent committees under Industri Tradisional Berbasis Budaya (Cultural-traditional base industry) which resides in KADIN’s (Kamar Dagang & Industri Indonesia / Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry) for the year of service in 2015 to 2020. The committee members are: …


DT at University of Indonesia’s Innovation & Business Incubation Center

Yesterday we conducted special workshop at University of Indonesia’s Innovation and Business Incubation center. The participants are the winners of 1st stage of UI’s InnovAction competition. They are students coming from various faculties and programs. They formed a group with composition of mixed programs or faculties. This enable them to get …


DT for Business & Social Innovation at MMUI

Every Saturday we teach Design Thinking for Business and Social Innovation to new students of MMUI (Graduate School of Management University of Indonesia). The objective is to infuse the right mindset to students, and to shape their way of thinking to be more creative and innovative in dealing with their …


Design Driven Entrepreneurship at Binus Business School

Starting September 2016, I will be lecturing & facilitating Design Driven Entrepreneurship at Bina Nusantara University – International Program. Design Driven Entrepreneurship is new innovative course program by Binus Business School and attended by international undergraduate students coming from different faculties and programs: Computing science, information system, business, hospitality, fashion, …


Sprint Design – Gerakan 1000 startups digital

In August 2016, spending great time mentoring and facilitating Design Print session at Gerakan 1000 Startup Digital Indonesia (Indonesia movement to build 1000 digital startups)  


How to Educate Anti-Corruption to Young Generation?

Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi / KPK (Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission) knows very well, basic education and knowledge are one of the keys to achieve future state of Indonesia’s freedom from corruption practice. Even though corruption has been inseminated in our culture – like it or not that we do realize that we …


Data Science Indonesia and Design Thinking

Why Data Scientists need to learn about Design Thinking?… Why NOT? Data Scientist as profession actually is not entirely new. But the job title now has been vastly growing as one of the most sought career in the world of digital and Big Data. Even so, it’s been said (or rumored) …


DT short course at BMW – The Innovation Festival

BMW Indonesia held an amazing event to celebrate innovation in Indonesia in conjunction of centennial celebration of BMW worldwide and the launch of the all new BMW X-1. It was on May 29th, 2016, the program called “The Innovation Festival 2016”, taken place in Ciputra Artpreneur, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta. …


DT for Airport Service Innovation – PT Angkasa Pura I

Airports in Indonesia have been re-innovating. Not just the building, airplane runways, equipment and decoration, but also airport services. It’s very important that the people, process and service are getting into the customers shoes (passengers, airlines employees and etc) to provide an innovative way of whole airport experience. The airport’s …


Empowering 1,000 Agent of Change through Human-Centered Design

Everyone can innovate! We strongly believe this as our credo in achieving beyond what we can do. It applies to everyone, including to farmers, blue collars, and agriculture labors. Innovesia has been fortunate to partner with local government of Pemda Kabupaten Tulang Bawang Barat (Tubaba) in Lampung Province to advise …