Design Thinking course for MMUI students

We’re back for the 3rd period of Design Thinking course at MMUI (University of Indonesia Graduate School of Business & Management). Along with over 200 new students coming from various background we delivered the Design Thinking module and tools in September 2017. Learning from our experience, we added new module …


Co-creation Real Time Water Pressure Sensor for PDAMs

Moving away from the image of “Makers event organizer”, Makedonia Makerspace & Innovation Hub is now focusing more on the implementation of Maker’s innovation into the real world. Assigned by IUWASH Plus and in collaboration with Innovesia and Makers, we developed the prototype of a real-time water pressure sensor for …


Youth-centered Design Thinking workshop on Reproductive & Sexual Health

Collaborating with Rutgers WPF Indonesia, we’re serving the youth communities to empower them creating innovative ways to make their life better with more positive sexual behavior and better reproductive and sexual health. We run 2 days Design Thinking workshop on August 10-11th, 2017, to empower youth communities making innovative program …


Building eCommerce capability for BNI’46 Rumah Kreatif in Banyuwangi

Innovesia has been appointed as Innovation Consultant by BNI’46, one of the biggest banks in Indonesia, to create a wider market opportunity for local SMEs in Kabupaten Sleman and Kabupaten Banyuwangi, as part of BNI’46 corporate social responsibility. We set up the channel and created the Blue Print to enable …

Public Speaking

Design Thinking for Internet of Things Academy

Myself and my sister were invited by Computer Festival 2017 Committee (Faculty of Computer Science University of Indonesia) to share about Internet of Things and Design Thinking, in one of the programs; Internet of Things Academy, on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017. This video is when I was speaking about Design …


Grand Final – Design Thinking Pitching at PMBS

It’s a wrap! Today our students of Design Thinking course (4 classes) at Prasetiya Mulya Business School presented their projects in Grand Final event (best of 2 groups from each class, in total 8 groups). They presented in front of panel of judges: lecturers and beauty-preneur Merrie Elizabeth. The best …


Design Thinking for School of Idea

SOI is one of flagship programs of StudentXCEO community, designed to accommodate students in learning directly about an issue, concept or skill from inspirational figures, and to develop themselves both from hard skill and soft skill.This event is held once in two months which is packaged in the form of …


Design Thinking for Church

Sharing & Facilitating Design Thinking workshop at a church’s workshop event – Gereja Kristen Protestan Simangulun  


Insight: Empathy, Experience and Experiment

Empathy is one of the mindsets that should be internalized whenever a Design Thinker conducts a design or customer research. However, gaining empathy toward target customers is not easy. There’s a tool called Empathy Map. Essentially the tool helps you to EXPERIENCE every situation and condition being experienced by your …


Open Innovation; An approach to reduce Maternal & New Born mortality rate

The maternal & newborn mortality rate is in Indonesia still a high and serious problem faced by all the healthcare stakeholders. Many efforts have been done and explored to reduce the mortality rate. Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (AIPI) – a government organization who leads the knowledge, science & technology authorities in …