Design Thinking for Church

Sharing & Facilitating Design Thinking workshop at a church’s workshop event – Gereja Kristen Protestan Simangulun  


Insight: Empathy, Experience and Experiment

Empathy is one of the mindsets that should be internalized whenever a Design Thinker conducts a design or customer research. However, gaining empathy toward target customers is not easy. There’s a tool called Empathy Map. Essentially the tool helps you to EXPERIENCE every situation and condition being experienced by your …


Open Innovation; An approach to reduce Maternal & New Born mortality rate

The maternal & newborn mortality rate is in Indonesia still a high and serious problem faced by all the healthcare stakeholders. Many efforts have been done and explored to reduce the mortality rate. Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (AIPI) – a government organization who leads the knowledge, science & technology authorities in …


Ideation: Share your ideas!

If someone has stolen your idea, that means you got a good idea! “Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. “Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with your friends, colleagues, coworkers or strangers!” I say it many times whenever I facilitate an Innovation & Design Thinking workshop. And the …


Insights: Explore & Exploit

A design thinker has to EXPLORE deeply the customer’s jobs-to-be-done. Ask everything and question why the customers behave the way they do in their own context and environment. Once a design thinker found an interesting insight, then s/he can EXPLOIT further the underlying driver and motivation that nudge the customers …


Design Thinking for Indonesia Stock Exchange

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has a long history which traced back to its establishment in the market since 1912 under the authority of The Dutch colonization government in The Dutch Indies (Hindia Belanda or Indonesia). Along the way, the development and growth of the capital market was not as much …


1st Healthcare Open Innovation by IMERI FKUI

IMERI (Indonesian Medical Education and Research Insititute) is the largest and the most advanced medical education and research institution in Indonesia and in South East Asia. IMERI is operating under the authority of the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia – the most reputable medical school in Indonesia. The IMERI …


Educating Future Leaders with Design Thinking at Top Indonesian Business Schools

Innovesia has marked a new era of education at Indonesian Top Business Schools; MMUI, Prasetiya Mulya and Bina Nusantara with Design Thinking course. They are partnering with Innovesia as a firm and Innovesia’s partner to educate undergraduate and graduate students. At MMUI, University of Indonesia Graduate Business School, Innovesia lectures …


Building Strategic eCommerce Road Map & Blue Print for BNI’s Rumah Kreatif

As one of the biggest banks in Indonesia, Bank BNI 46 has established a strong foundation in Indonesia economy through its banking and financial services. Bank BNI 46 has tremendous amount of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as long term customers which have a pivotal part of BNI’s growth in …


Customer’s Jobs to Be Done

Why is innovation is so hard to predict and sustain? Why some myriads of analytics; quantitative, regression, factor analysis still not able to predict innovation? Those are quote un quote questions from the recent book authored by Prof Clayton Christensen et al, titled: “Competing Against Luck; The Story of Innovation …

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