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We are innovation-investment partners for people who arepassionately investing in innovation, making an impact and going to the extra miles for their organization and society

We are known in Indonesia as early adopters and advocators of Design Thinking and Human-centered Design, and the builder of Indonesian Innovation Ecosystem through Open Innovation model.

We are in the business of changing mindset. We believe innovation does not start from Technology, Product nor Features. But it starts with Human’s Mindset, Needs, and Empathy.

What We Do:

  1. INFUSE the RIGHT MINDSET and EMPATHY to develop innovative thinking based on human needs.
  2. EQUIPP the right methodology and systematic approach to innovation.
  3. ENABLE the innovators/doers to collaborate in solving problems creatively and innovative in team or individually

We have done consulting projects and workshops with more than 2,000 participants in Indonesia. From Government to private companies; local to the international organization, children to adults, farmers to CEOs, and to more than 5 industries. The results are over 500 prototypes and solutions and 50 are ongoing development for scale-up.