Currently, all industrial sectors are facing technological disruption, without exception to the banking industry. Many banking industries now have Digital Bank services, including Bank Danamon.

In partnership with Bank Danamon, Innovesia carried out training programs for Bank Danamon’s leaders. The program covers understanding what Design Thinking is with practical applications, and a special training session for internal Design Thinking instructors to provide participants with insights on how to facilitate an internal Design Thinking workshop.

This session is carried out in 3 stages;

  • In the first stage, participants get Design Thinking material in the form of theory and practice.
  • In the second stage, participants gain insight into the implementation of the Design Thinking workshop, and
  • In the third stage, participants demonstrated the theory they got in character as the primary facilitator in a workshop.

Design Thinking material is carried out in 2 sessions, each from 08.30 – 12.00. The material provided covers the five stages of Design Thinking developed by IDEO. Participants learn the Empathize, Identify, Ideate, Prototype stages and are introduced to the Testing stage. The teaching method presented by Innovesia is in the form of material delivery and the practice of implementing the Design Thinking mindset in group work through worksheets that are done together on the MS Teams Bank Danamon intranet network. At the Empathize stage, participants are also required to conduct interviews with target customers, to get answers that the target customers genuinely feel.

Providing insight into the implementation of the Design Thinking workshop is supplied with the aim that participants can become the primary facilitators in the Design Thinking workshop given to the internal team of Bank Danamon Indonesia.

The instructor training materials are divided into three parts:

  • Insights before the workshop
  • Insights at the time of the workshop, and
  • Insights after the workshop

The method used combines a little theory and provides more opportunities to simulate the conditions encountered when facilitating, such as opening a workshop session, how to face a dominating group member in a group discussion, and practice listening to the conversations in the group class.

In the third stage, each participant has 30 minutes to demonstrate their activities while being the primary facilitator of a virtual Design Thinking workshop. On this occasion, participants get feedback from Innovesia team and other participants.

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