Business Acumen Essential with Nusantara Regas

Business landscape is changing faster than ever, be it from the demand from the market as well as the rising numbers of new competitors. Hence, it is crucial to always improve strategies for employees.

Over the course of two month, Nusantara Regas equipped their team members with mindset-changing workshops with Innovesia, namely Boosting Creativity, Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation, and Agile Practices where the participants bring their current condition to the workshop to find the best fit solution and learn how to implement new ways of working in this VUCA world.

The workshop series is delivered as Business Acumen Essentials, aligned with Innovesia’s forte in the innovation area. Innovesia provides an understanding of the concepts needed to find and explore new business potential from various sides through an Innovation end-to-end process.

The workshop is divided into 2 series, series 1 is training related to Boosting Creativity and Design Thinking. This online training is very enthusiastic and meets expectations. 40 participants came from various functions and departments. They are separated into 2 batches. In Series 1 training, the teams produced 6 prototypes derived from discussions during the Boosting Creativity and Design Thinking workshop.

Besides Workshop Series 1, Workshop Series 2 is also very interesting and fantastic. By conducting “Business Model Canvas” and Agile Fundamental training, this workshop was represented by 20 participants from various functions and departments. The training is conducted online for 2 days in each session. In the Business Model Canvas Workshop, the teams were very successful in translating every product and service in every block on the business model canvas.

After understanding the business model, the participants were further given an understanding of Agile Fundamentals, where business processes will become easier and more agile by using this agile method.

During the series of workshops, it was seen that Nusantara Regas employees have a very supportive culture for implementing all aspects of Business Acumen, both design thinking, business models, and of course agile, because of the supportive and collaborative culture. Agile implementation can be started in cross-departmental projects, such as investment projects.

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