7 Must-Have Mindsets for Innovator: Design Thinking Mindsets

Design Thinking Mindsets for Innovator

In an uncertain situation like today, we need to adapt to the situation. In adapting, continuous innovation is needed. Design thinking is well known as a magic process for innovation. This method is arguably the most attractive way to describe a model for innovation based on human-centered observation and prototyping.

In innovating, apart from understanding the process itself, we must make design thinking a mindset. The most important thing in understanding design thinking is to understand that design thinking is not a linear process, it’s meant to be an iterative process. It will be actually more like step 1 to step 2 to step 3 then back again to step 2 to step 3, over and over, until you get an innovative new product that matches the needs and expectations of real-world users, and more often than not, goes beyond that.

The methodology and process are important, but they are just tools. Tools are to help us, but the things that need to be done are getting in the right mindset and finding a way to the right solution. It is a mindset that can help us adapt to be more mindful and eye-opened to the right direction towards innovation. If we can have all of this mindset, it can help us master the adaptation to be more innovative and create relevant solutions for the users. So, here it is the 7 Design Thinking Mindsets.

Show Don’t Tell

The important thing of the “show don’t tell” mindset is to communicate and visualize the ideas through the use of experiences, visuals, and stories. Promoting the idea using prototypes and real models to illustrate your creative idea. By practicing “show don’t tell”, it can be easily understood by one another. It can help us validate how they understand the customers’ needs to build the right solution accordingly.

Focus on Human Values

When we innovate, we have to think in a way that we are “in the users’ shoes”, because the design thinking mindset is about designing and building for users. By focusing on the users you are designing for, we can come up with meaningful products with a better user experience and better quality. Focusing on human values or empathy can help us have a broad understanding of users’ rather than focusing only on one factor such as behavior. The best product can be achieved by understanding what users say, do, think, and feel.

Craft Clarity

Take out all the clutter and frame the idea clearly and simply to fuel ideation. Explain vision that others can be quickly understood by others and also can inspire action.

Embrace Experimentation

Prototyping is not just about validating the idea or gaining evidence, it is an integral part of the innovation process.  A prototype will give the same perspective and a better understanding of the product. It can help us to think and take the next action to produce a better idea.

Be Mindful of the Process

Being mindful of the process means that we are paying close attention to what’s happening in the present moment, knowing where we are in the innovation process, knowing the next step, and things to be accomplished. Let the design thinking process guide from the first until the last step sequentially. 

Bias Towards Action

It means that we have to focus on action rather than thinking. Instead of thinking about the idea, we have to turn the idea into action.

Radical Collaboration

Solving very complex problems is impossible to be solved by one individual with a limited background. Therefore, it takes many people with different expertise and experience to be able to truly understand the problem with different perspectives and evolve the solution.

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