Creating Post-pandemic Social Innovation with MMUI Post-graduate Students

We are truly humbled to be chosen once again to help Magister Manajemen Universitas Indonesia (MMUI) in delivering the  Design Thinking Course. Our program, a 3-week course on the Design Thinking methodology for MMUI post-graduate students, has been running for the sixth straight year. And once again, we were very impressed with the innovative ideas generated by the students.

The course was led by Dina Kosasih and Mia Astari as lead facilitators. There were also group facilitators who accompanied each group in following the Design Thinking process. There were three sessions in this class, 20 March, 27 March, and 3 April 2021, with group assignments in between. In the last session, students presented their group idea with a presentation deck and short video. All students followed the course actively and enthusiastically. To learn more about their ideas, you can visit our Instagram as we are currently sharing their video in the following weeks. Here is a summary of some of their innovation ideas. Take a look!

I-Gerobak: Self-delivery restaurant motor cart

During the pandemic, many restaurants experienced a decline in income, since the amount customers who came to the restaurant were reduced, while they had to continue to bear the costs of food, electricity, and salaries.

I-Gerobak is an innovative idea from group 2 MMUI students who participated in the previous Design Thinking class, who wanted to help restaurant entrepreneurs to be able to continue to increase their sales.

I-Gerobak provides a self-delivery motor cart for restaurant businesses equipped with an autopilot system and a touch screen display where customers can arrange their own healthy food menu. Restaurant entrepreneurs can still sell their food products when customers can’t come to their restaurant.


Since the pandemic began, people have become more anxious and insecure about the current health situation. Health facilities are hard to reach with limited availability and potentially dangerous of virus spread. Invalid news stories regarding health have become prevalent on social media platforms.

Misidok is an innovative idea from group 3 MMUI students participating in the Design Thinking class. Misidok helps people to consult with doctors without going to a health facility and get the latest health news validated by trusted parties.

Misidok provides a health consultation application and provides updated health news. The app has several features such as consultation with doctors (chat, phone call, and video call), purchase of medicine, physical examination via AR / VR, X-ray scanning, medical diagnosis through AI, AI helper, and equipped with the latest validated news by doctors and warnings against fake news.

Lemon: Learn English and Microsoft Office Now

Many changes have happened since the pandemic began, especially in the education field. Teaching and learning activities have shifted to online learning from home. Students are required to be able to understand English and use digital tools independently. This shift has become a new challenge for students in this pandemic.

Lemon: Learn English and Microsoft Office Now is an innovative idea from group 4 MMUI students participating in the Design Thinking class. Lemon is an application for learning English and Microsoft Office, where users can download video lessons, monitor learning achievement, and consult directly with teachers. This innovative idea will make it easier for students to do assignments in the learning process.

The Smar-T Face Recognition System

Transportation has been affected a lot by the pandemic due to the risk of virus spread. In Jakarta, office workers who frequently use the commuter line (KRL) find it difficult to implement health protocols. The service still also faces the threat of sexual harassment. The Smar-T Face Recognition System is an innovative idea from group 5 MMUI students participating in the previous Design Thinking class to help users feel more comfortable and safe while traveling.

Smar-T can detect body temperature, detect people who are not wearing masks, ensure social distancing, and detect indecent acts. Activities that have been detected by Smar-T will be uploaded into its database. Detected crimes will be immediately reported to the authorities.


The health system in Indonesia can still be considered less than optimal, with problems such as long waiting times and administrative processes due to convoluted bureaucracy.  These problems can heavily consume patient’s time and effort.

The Ru.Juk application is an innovative idea from group 6 MMUI students participating in the previous Design Thinking class who want to help patients get more optimal health services.

Ru.Juk is an application that offers a list of referral hospitals, digital medical records, referral schedules, doctor schedules, and doctor profiles integrated into all hospitals and health centers. This application was developed with artificial intelligence technology to help match patient schedules with doctors, so patients can get real-time notifications of schedules or cancellations.

–We also displayed other innovative ideas from previous Design Thinking Class March 2021 on our Instagram and YouTube channels. For more information about the innovation program carried out by Innovesia, you can visit our social media channels.

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