Exploring New Ideas with Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) for IDXTION 2.0

IDXTION 2.0 Business Model Innovation Workshop

We have just organized our first workshop of 2021 with the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), IDXTION Business Model Innovation Workshop. It is the continuation of our program with IDX, IDXTION 2.0 Innovation Workshop. IDXTION 2.0 is IDX’s innovation program to help develop new business ideas within the organization. Currently, there are several challenges that are highlighted by the company, among them are to increase the number of investors and listed companies, developing future areas and growth, and improving operational excellence.

The Innovation Workshop series aims to inspire and assist IDX employees in developing innovative ideas in line with IDX’s current vision and mission. The first is Innovation By Design, done late last year in November 2020. The second workshop, Business Model Innovation was just finished in January 2021.

IDXTION 2.0 Innovation by Design Workshop

The Design Thinking Workshop was held on November 23, 25, 30, and December 1, 2020. Led by Danny Kosasih, Co-founder of Innovesia, the purpose of this particular workshop is to help IDX employees gain insights and ideas for new business ideas. There were 53 participants from various departments and seniority levels, and during the workshop, they were assisted by five coaches from Innovesia. Participants learned about the Innovesia Design Thinking Methodology and how to implement it in exploring new ideas for their business. Several participants use the opportunity from this workshop to prepare for the upcoming IDXTION 2.0 program.

The Business Model Innovation Workshop was held on January 20, 21, 22, and 25, 2021. This workshop was led by Yurry Razy, Co-founder of Innovesia and expert of Business and Financial Modelling. In this session, participants learned how to use the Business Model Canvas to map and validate their business ideas. They also learned how to present business models effectively to investors and higher-ups using the Storytelling method. A total of 51 participants from IDX attended the workshop, including advisors, experts, and division heads. 

Coaching Session at IDXTION Workshop

Both workshops were conducted online using a similar format. Each workshop was divided into four sessions; 2 Online Courses and 2 Coaching Sessions. In the Online Course, the Lead Facilitator gave an in-depth look into the methodology to the participants. Participants also had a chance to do online work exercises within the session, facilitated by their designated Coach. In the Coaching Session, participants had the opportunity for extended discussion with their Coach, to talk about their progress and others relating to the workshop subject.

With a great shift happening in businesses due to the pandemic, it is crucial for companies to reinvent themselves and explore new business ideas, including large and proven institutions such as the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Using methodologies such as Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation can be a great place to start since they can be applied to all kinds of businesses and are very open for iteration and scale.
To learn more about how we can help your business and organization in innovation, please visit our website www.innovesia.co.id. You can also explore the rest of our designthinking.id blog to see our portfolio, as well through www.instagram.com/designthinking.id and www.youtube.com/c/innovesia. Should you have any queries, you can reach us out through openinnovation@innovesia.co.id.


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