Collaboration between Bank Syariah Mandiri with Innovesia to Increase Customer Experience with Human-Centric Design

Kick-off Meeting

As we all experience, the year 2020 has brought infamous challenges for all people, wherever they live. The hurdle is no exception for the financial sector, especially Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM). A collaborative innovation project between Innovesia and BSM has been planned for execution in early 2020, with the aim to increase financing disbursement. However, with limited mobility due to the pandemic, Innovesia and BSM quickly put the Agile hat on and adapted many activities in the project. Our initial field immersion work to gain customer insights was converted into online interviews, while the co-creation workshop was also held fully online.

These changes in methods have directly impacted the project duration. However, we can proudly say that the project has finished with many new satisfactory insights for BSM. This project involved teams from 6 financing products, as well as employees from various departments and branches such as marketing communication and IT, to enrich the overall point of view. The project activities include Design Thinking sessions, Design Sprint, Business Model Innovation, Financial Modelling, Product Market Fit, and Business Planning with numerous rigorous testings and prototype iterations to find the best fit for the proposed solution.

Online Customer Interview

The measures to act during the COVID-19 pandemic – with all the applied restrictions, have helped Innovesia survive by being innovative, agile, and on point through implementing a new consultancy business model using online platforms without compromising quality. We didn’t merely move all offline activities to online, but carefully crafted new business activities that allow quick adaptation and maintaining high competency in the digital era as one of the strong pillars in many sectors today, including finance.

In the end, we suggested two main feasible recommendations based on the desired Jobs-to-be-done from the customers. These recommendations have been implemented and soon to be adopted into the new established Corporation of Indonesian Islamic Bank (Bank Syariah Indonesia).


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Kicking Off Research to Advance Customer Experience

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