Webinar: Data-Driven Policy Making in the Time of Crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic has left negative impacts in the industry, such as declining economic growth and uncertainty in revenue streams for a lot of business. The pandemic also redefines how many people work, which is now mostly done remotely, through digital devices and online tools. Different organizations adapt to this change using different ways. One of them is by managing the system and information that support the process decision making during this volatile period.

The webinar “Data-Driven Policy Making in the Time of Crisis” by Volantis, Innovesia, and MISI, was bringing the knowledge to do exactly that. 107 participants consisting of business leaders, professionals, and startup enthusiasts attended this webinar on April 16th, 2020. The speaker consisted of Jarot Indarto (Deputy Director of Food and Agriculture, Ministry of PPN Bappenas), David E. Sumual (Chief Economist, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk), and Bachtiar Rifai (Co-founder & CEO, Volantis Technology). The speakers gave their insights and experiences on how to make optimal decisions and policies in times of crisis. Speakers and participants also discussed how to analyze data sources and information fast and accurately. Of course, the ability and expertise to analyze data provide an advantage for organizations in the current situation and condition.

This webinar also encourages participants to donate through Yayasan Kita Bisa. The aim is to help medical personnel and people who are affected by COVID-19.

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