Strategyzer and Innovesia presents: The Invincible Company Book Launch in Indonesia


On April 24th, 2020, Strategyzer entrusted Innovesia as a partner in launching their new “The Invincible Company” book in Indonesia, through a webinar titled “The Invincible Company Book Launch in Indonesia”. The webinar presented Dr. Alexander Osterwalder and Prof. Yves Pigneur, co-authors of the book, as the speakers.

Dr. Alexander ‘Alex’ Osterwalder is the inventor of the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, and Business Portfolio Map, together with Prof. Yves Pigneur. His tools and methods are trusted by millions of people in the industry, from startups to global-scale companies. His first book, “Business Model Generation”, was named one of the 12 best business books of all time by USA Today.

Prof. Yves Pigneur is a computer scientist and the Professor of Management Information Systems at the University of Lausanne. Prof. Yves is considered a “mastermind” among business strategists, as his canvas has been used by many companies such as P&G, Amazon, Lockheed Martin, and Tesla. Together with Dr. Alex, he invented the Business Model Canvas and wrote the international best-selling book “Business Model Generation” in 2010. The book sold millions of copies in 40 languages. Prof. Yves is also the author of other influential books such as “Value Proposition Design”, and the new “The Invincible Company”.

More than 100 participants consisting of corporate leaders, practitioners, and business people from various fields attended this webinar. Through this webinar, participants gained a deeper look into “The Invincible Company” directly from Dr. Alex and Prof. Yves. Participants learned how to systematically invent, improve and manage innovation using new tools that Strategyzer has designed, such as The Business Portfolio Map, Innovation Metrics, The Culture Map, and a series of Business Model Mechanics. “The Invincible Company” helps take the fear out of innovating and reduce the risk of wasting resources for products that don’t fit the customer needs, also business models that don’t provide a return or growth. At the end of the webinar, participants had the opportunity to ask questions directly to Dr. Alex Osterwalder and Prof. Yves related to their books. 

To help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in these difficult times, this webinar also encourages participants to donate through Yayasan Kita Bisa. The aim is to help medical personnel and people who are affected by COVID-19.

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