The Perks of Working Collaboratively


Nowadays, the corporation considers collaborative work as one of the main factors of a successful business. Working collaboratively enables employees to work more quickly and effectively, compared to people work individually. Collaboration gives employees more ownership of each of their work, making them more responsible and motivated.

Organizations also take advantage of collaboration. For example, it can help them to be more cost-effective, creative, and competitive. One of the studies cite from Journal of Experimental Social Psychology by Priyanka B. Carr and Gregory M. Walton, it reveals that organizations that promote collaborative working are five times more likely to perform well. They also tend to have lower staff turnover levels and higher profitability that organizations that don’t enable collaboration.

Thus, corporations and organizations should create a collaborative workplace and find the best ways to get them out of their comfort zone and give them a chance to connect with others. Allow them to hands-on projects that demand collaborative solutions. Gradually, your organization will begin to see firsthand why collaboration is important and beneficial.

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