Leveraging Indonesian Talents to Innovate Through Business Incubator


Currently, the Indonesian government is actively supporting startups technology as part of the national economic growth strategy and plan. The Indonesian government believes that startups technology can improve employment rates, market valuations, and improve technology in Indonesia. The inauguration of “Making Indonesia 4.0” by the Ministry of Industry is a step to be determined in implementing Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR4) in Indonesia. The Ministry of Industry has compiled a roadmap compiled as a basis for all interests, especially industry players to improve and reap the benefits of using IR4 in Indonesia.

However, based on several studies, the success rate of startups is technology quite low. Most struggle to survive when they enter the incubation stage. Barriers faced by startups include access to networks and markets, mentor quality, and investor interest. Based on a survey conducted by Danny Kosasih as Co-Founder & Partner of Innovesia in 2018 through 42 startups in Indonesia, it was found that most of the technology incubators did not provide IR4 technology, as well as the lack of provision of IR4 technology in government facilities or laboratories. Most of the IR4 technology is used in companies and universities.

Therefore, technology incubators need to provide information, education, experienced mentors, and facilities or equipment that can support startups during the incubation process. To overcome this problem, Innovesia collaborated with IPMI International Business School in building and developing an innovation center and incubator, called InnoLab. This was realized by the signing of the InnoLab memorandum of understanding by Prof. Aman Wirakartakusumah (Chair of IPMI School of Management) and Mr. Danny Kosasih (Co-Founder & Partner Innovesia) on February 21, 2020, at Puridani Auditorium, IPMI International Business School.

InnoLab was established as a “center of excellence” in developing the capacities and competencies of students, communities, SMEs & companies, and government agencies in developing innovation. Danny D Kosasih, as Co-Founder & Partner explained that InnoLab can be used as a forum and laboratory for curating business ideas, research, experiments, and exploration which are facilitated by the latest technology or IR4. With InnoLab, it is expected that startups can develop innovations to the fullest that can provide positive changes to the surrounding environment.

Prof. Aman Wirakartakusumah, Chair of the IPMI School of Management, said that IPMI upheld the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely Education, Research, and Community Service; IPMI is also committed to prioritizing the principle of Research by presenting InnoLab which will be a means for the IPMI academic community for research and development. IPMI is also committed to strengthen the network in the industry (local and multinational) and Local Governments (Pemda) in Indonesia and deliver it to the market during the post-incubation period. This is the commitment of IPMI International Business School as well as a College to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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