Human Centered Design: Essential to Innovate


When you understand the people you’re trying to reach—and then design from their perspective—not only will you arrive at unexpected answers, but you’ll come up with ideas that they’ll embrace.” – IDEO, Field Guide to Human-centered Design

Human centered design is a process of problem solving that focuses on human needs first, and takes a creative and iterative approach to find new solutions to said human needs. The process is built on thinking and acting accordingly to gain a deep understanding of our customers and the challenges that they are facing. Curiosity and empathy are the foundations of human centered design. With human centered design, we will be encouraged to ask questions and to seek out new peole and new perspective. Thus, it can help companies and organizations connect better with the people they serve:

  • Clearly define the problem
  • Focus and understand the customers
  • Transform data into actionable ideas
  • Help to see new opportunities
  • Help to increase the speed and effectiveness of creating new solutions

The human centered design becomes more and more important for companies to achieve competitive advantages as we can see many examples of successful stories of innovative companies that put the consumer at the heart of their product development process. The implication of the human-centered process reflects positively on the enterprise by giving it the capabilities to achieve the above advantages that can help the company to be more innovative and human centered

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