Innovation in the Era of Disruption


7th December 2019, Innovesia and IPMI International Business School conducted 1st public workshop at InnoLab, an initiative project by Innovesia and IPMI to build and develop an Innovation Center and Incubator. InnoLab is established to serve as a “center of excellence” in developing the capacity and competence of students, communities, SMEs & corporations, and government institutions in developing their innovations. At InnoLab, we shared and discussed innovation in the era of disruption.

We presented two speakers at the event:

Dwinanda Septiadhi MBA, Head of Strategic Management PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk shared his insight about how to survive and win in a disruption era to the participants, consist of business leaders, startup enthusiasts, and college students.

Danny Kosasih MBA, explained the Disruptive Innovation theory and its apolication in the corporate world. And also utilizing the disruptive technologies.

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