The Investible Games Jakarta – November 2019


Today, startups need to be agile in adapting to a very dynamic ecosystem. They must be able to keep innovating their products, business, and their team’s mindsets continuously to meet the customers’ needs. The key that drives startups evolving continuously is to keep evaluating and updating their business strategy from time to time — especially deep dive into their customers’ shoes to generate innovation that their customers will love and use.

Some of the strategies in evaluating business are as follows:

  • Understanding the customers’ needs may include getting as much feedback intensively on the product and services delivered to their customers, collecting genuine inputs on potential features needed to be updated in the products.
  • Challenging themselves to secure quality investment to help the company grow and achieve their milestones healthily.
  • Identify place with supporting environment that will help the startup founders to boost their business development, especially when they have competing and unique advantages for the products and services.

In order to help the growth of startups in Indonesia and South East Asia, on 14th-15th November 2019, Investible in partnership with Innovesia and IDX Incubator delivered The Investible Games in Jakarta. The Investible Games is a high-impact platform that offers founders what they need most – expert feedback, meetings with top investors and the opportunity for capital investment. 10 startups have successfully proven their investibility as a startup. It was a massive 2 days event from the start, an investment team from The Investible put countless hours to screen hundreds of applications and selected 10 innovative businesses. Through this event, the founders received the optimal pathway to funding and facilitate their access to investors and corporate partners. They also obtained strong and constructive feedbacks from investors and judges.

Investible is formulating a partnership with Innovesia to deliver more of these Investible Games in Indonesia in 2020 onward, to build a healthy ecosystem that will provide constructive feedback and opportunities for startups to grow as well delivering impacts for the greater good. Stay tuned for the next schedule of the Investible Games by Investible in partnership with Innovesia.

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