Makerspace Development as Innovation Industrialization Hub


Makedonia has the privilege to be visited by Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry for “FGD on Makerspace Development as Innovation Industrialization Hub“. We discussed Making Indonesia 4.0 by maximizing maker space for business incubators, to create talent and incubate the development of design products.

Practising Innovation Through Design Thinking to Sesparlu Kemenlu

Pada tanggal 15 Oktober 2019, Danny Kosasih, Co-Founder Innovesia memberikan materi tentang “Practising Innovation Through Design Thinking” kepada para Senior Diplomats di Sesparlu (Sekolah Staff dan Pimpinan Kementerian Luar Negeri). Sesi kedua ini merupakan bagian dari program Executive Education yang diampu oleh IPMI International Business School. Tujuan dari program ini …

Kemah Budaya Kaum Muda – Advancing Traditional Culture in IR 4.0 Era

For the first time, the Ministry of Education and Culture through the Directorate General of Culture held Kemah Budaya Kaum Muda (KBKM), a platform for youths (18-28) from all over Indonesia to answer various cultural challenges to advance traditional culture employing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and Industrial …

Innovation by Design for Mobility in Singapore

On October 2018, Innovesia had the chance to collaborate with OneMaker Group to try to accept the challenges of how to redesign a better mobility in Singapore. Innovesia used Design Thinking methodology to solve the problems around public transportation facilities. Participants had successfully gone through the full process of the …