InnOvaTe 2019 – Industrial IoT Innovation with Telkomsel 2019 – HackDay!


The InnOvaTe 2019 consists of two main events; roadshow and hack day. Hack day consists of a workshop with Design Thinking methodology to help finalists to adapt the innovation mindset in their innovation process. In implementing Design Thinking, participants were accompanied by several facilitators who challenged each participant’s idea so it could fit the challenge and their solution could meet the client’s requirements.

Furthermore, technical mentors were in charge to verify whether the prototype made by each team was using the mandatory criteria, in particular: connected to NB-IoT and Platform, integrated with the API from Telkomsel. Besides being mentored technical-wise, participants were also given business mentoring sessions to help them revalidate the value of their prototype. In addition to that, they have also got assistance in mapping the business model canvas for their prototype.

During the hacking session, participants were given curated tech update sessions for inspiration. Participants were allowed to join the Q&A session. The first session is on elevator pitch (speed dating) and the second was on pitch deck presentations from the Top 10 finalists.

At the end of the activity, each finalist presented their updated work that has been improved and put on their pitch deck.

By participating in this program, the finalists would also have access to the network of Telkomsel and Innovesia that consists of stakeholders from startups, enterprises, and Telkomsel itself.

After the Top 10 finalists were selected, the event continued to the Final Stage. The finalists presented their solutions in front of 6 well-regarded judges, consisting of C-level and VP from Telkomsel and external partners. Each team had 5 minutes to present their solutions at the stage, followed by questions from the judges for 2 minutes. 

Supported by the scoring matrix, presentations, and previous mentor notes, the judges discuss and select the top 3 winners that are eligible to join the Telkomsel Incubation program. Comments were made and discussed by each judge on their assessment towards the team’s business viability and technical feasibility. The best 3 winners of Telkomsel InnOvaTe 2019 Hack Day are:


  1. – Chosen for their solution that fit the challenge and 20-years experience.
  2. TUNI – Chosen for their solution that fit the challenge and market needs.
  3. Traffobit – Chosen for their solution that fit the challenge and market needs, particularly with PLN.
Winners Group Photo with Judges

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