Kemah Budaya Kaum Muda – Advancing Traditional Culture in IR 4.0 Era


For the first time, the Ministry of Education and Culture through the Directorate General of Culture held Kemah Budaya Kaum Muda (KBKM), a platform for youths (18-28) from all over Indonesia to answer various cultural challenges to advance traditional culture employing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and Industrial Revolution 4.0. Held at the Prambanan Temple Camping Ground on 21-25 July 2019, KBKM acts as an incubation space for innovation, co-working space, facilitating start-ups as well as inducing initiatives for the young generation to advance traditional culture.

Teaming up with Inovator 4.0, Innovesia acted as the advisory to the event where we provided the basic module framework for all of the participants and through 35 facilitators, facilitated 132 group projects producing four different kinds of prototypes: 46 gadget applications, 30 physical, 31 activities and 25 cultural studies.

Out of 735 registered groups (3.058 youths), KBKM has selected 132 groups (561 youths) who submitted their ideas to solve cultural problem in their area through STEAM approach. 18 days prior to the camp, facilitation to elevate their concepts and deepen their findings was conducted through distance learning due to the distributions of the participants from 28 provinces around Indonesia. We employed available communication channels and collaborative work platform which enables us to deliver Design Thinking mindset and discussions to prepare them for the camp and the final presentation.

KBKM was opened and closed by motivating speech from the Directorate General of Culture, Mr. Hilmar Farid, who announced that everyone participating in the camp will act as culture ambassador once they return home. During the camp, along with final facilitation and preparation for their presentation before the panel of judges, the participants also received inspiring talks from various renowned speakers i.e. Melati Suryodarmo (performance artist), Ananda Sukarlan (pianist & composer), Irendra Radjawali (Akademi Drone Indonesia), Biyanto Rebin (Wikimedia), and Budiman Sudjatmiko who shared about STEAM and cultural advancement. On this occasion, Budiman emphasized on the importance of combining imagination and science involving local wisdom, on top of it, he also encouraged these youths to keep on building networks among them to create a greater impact in preserving and advancing traditional culture.

By the end of the camp, 12 judges including Mr. Yurry Razy, Co-founder of Innovesia, announced 3 winners from each prototype category:

Gadget Application Prototype: 

1. Wawara Project (East Java)

2. Permata (West Java)

3. Ken Arok (West Java)

Physical Prototype:

1. Kosikopat (Riau)

2. Lasinrang Youth (South Sulawesi)

3. Storia Karacitra (West Java)

Cultural Studies Prototype:

1. Sungai kita (West Java)

2. Kata Kerja (South Sulawesi)

3. Sitasinattaoi (Nias, North Sumatra and Mentawai, West Sumatra)

Activities Prototype:

1. Sangar Rojolele (Central Java)

2. Tinung Rimbu (East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara)

3. Garudeya (East Java)

These winners will then present their refined prototype during Pekan Kebudayaan Nasional on 14-19 October 2019 in Jakarta.
At the closing ceremony on 24 July 2019, 8 representatives were chosen to formulate resolutions and declare call for action to preserve and advance Indonesian culture through the hands of the youths.

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