Introducing Technology-Based Business to Students at Idealogy TBB Bootcamp with ITB


July 15th to 16th, 2019, Bandung, Indonesia

Earlier this week, the School of Business and Management (SBM) from The Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) held their latest edition of Idealogy Bootcamp, an idea bootcamp for ITB students of various faculties to collaborate in a rapid ideation program based on ITB research.

In this year’s edition, the focus is on the introduction of Technology-based Business (TBB) course, and the school is partnering with Innovesia and Startup Bandung community to run the two-day bootcamp.

There were approximately 200 attending participants, consisting of students from the Entrepreneurship Major in SBM, and several others such as Engineering and Tourism. The participants were then divided into 35 groups, each with facilitators from Innovesia, Startup Bandung, and its partners to help them go through the Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp was led by Danny Kosasih of Innovesia. At the beginning of the day, the participants were given several products from the school to be developed into a business. The products are: an unmanned drone vehicle, modular wooden blocks for architecture, bio-coal made from waste, wastewater degrader microbes, a digital live performance technology, and a customizable phone for different utilizations. Each team was able to choose the product that suited them best and try to come up with a technology-based innovative idea based on it.

The workshop taught several topics to the students, relating to the Technology-based Business module. It included Value Proposition Canvas, Technology Readiness Level (TRL), Market Assessment, and Technology Forecasting. All participants followed the workshop well and came up with creative ideas to improve upon the given product, to better suit the market needs.

On the last day, all teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges, using pitch decks and the roleplaying method. After two rounds of judging, the best team was picked based on their product and presentation. The team’s product, Log It, added value to the modular wooden blocks by building an application to help customers build their houses and furniture cheaply by utilizing the given technology. 

The workshop was able to introduce a new technological perspective in developing a business and product. As Indonesia is edging closer to becoming a 4.0 society, having sufficient knowledge on Technology-based Business is important so not only we can utilize the ever-developing technology, but also use it for a greater good to humanity.

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