InnOvaTe 2019 – Industrial IoT Innovation with Telkomsel 2019 – Roadshow Bandung


Wednesday, May 22, 2019 – Telkomsel’s InnOvaTe 2019, Roadshow Bandung was held at BLOCK71 – Innovation Factory Bandung. This was the second roadshow ahead of the hack day on July. It was a great day! A full house with 110+ participants and they were even coming from areas outside Bandung such as Garut, Ciamis and Tasikmalaya. I salute them! 👏🏻 InnOvaTe 2019, Roadshow Bandung invited: –

  • Daniel Oscar B., ICT for Development Researcher, Columbia University,
  • Dhuha Abdul A., Business Development Manager – Connected Solutions, PT Robert Bosch,
  • Edyson Tamba, GM Research Management, Telkomsel, and
  • M. Hadiyana, Director of Standardization, Ministry of Communication and Informatics to be the speakers and discuss a topic on Industrial IoT from its implementation to its regulation.

            Thank you for all parties who put their spirits and positive attitudes in organizing this roadshow especially Telkomsel’s team, Innovesia’s team, ORENS team and our community partners; RASI, Fablab Bandung, Startup Community Bandung and the other partners. For those who haven’t joined our roadshow, see you at Roadshow Yogyakarta or Roadshow Surabaya!

In case you missed it, please note that we will have the other roadshow agenda in:

– Yogyakarta, June 19, 2019
– Surabaya, June 25, 2019

The hack day will be held at:

July 18-19, 2019 in Jakarta

More information, please visit

Let’s bring out your best capacity and be the part of IoT development in Indonesia.

Innovate 2019 in collaboration with Ministry of Industry, Indonesian IoT Association, Ministry of Communication and Information, Innovesia and Makedonia and get support from IOT Innova Lab, InnoXtion and Connectinc

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