Full Cycle Innovation through Design Thinking and Business Model for Strategic Innovation


We are back again with PGN!

After a successful execution last year, Innovesia is once again trusted by Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) as their partner to infuse the right mindset for Design Thinking Process on 24 April to 3rd of May 2019.

The three batches of workshops, were taking the selected 60+ participants to deep dive further into Design Thinking from the corporate strategic point of view. They were challenged to deliver strategic innovation, reinvent or redesign its corporate strategy to drive business growth, generate value for the company and its customers, and create competitive advantage, and up to par with the speed of technology change.

On day 1, the participants learned the end-to-end process and cycle of Innovesia’s Design Thinking method. They were challenged to find the Customer’s Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) through field immersion, exploring problems and issues that lead to idea generations. On day 2, they learned Business Model Innovation to explore strategic initiatives and finding how they will create, deliver and capture the value. By the end of the workshop, participants built low-fidelity prototypes as the visualization tool of their strategic innovation, tested the prototype, iterated based on the customer’s feedback and presented it through storytelling. In total, there were 13 prototypes from the 3 batches.

By the end of the workshop, participants built low-fidelity prototypes as the visualization of their solution. And then they tested the prototype to iterate so the prototype can be launched.

Batch 1
Batch 2
Batch 3

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