Incubation and Mentoring Program for Startups focusing Industry 4.0 with @america


Innovators@america Week 1: Learning about AI and IoT, Introduction on Design Thinking

The Innovators@america program has officially started with its first session last week, March 13th, 2019 at @america, Pacific Place, Jakarta. Innovesia with its group of technical reviewers has selected 10 participants from 35 applicants a week prior. The participants vary in technologies, which include artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, and augmented reality.  The full list of participants is:

1. Jeager

2. SiVaksin

3. RumahTernak

4. nyayur

5. bagidata

6. eMobilindo

7. STEM Foundation

8. KaliBer

9. Aristotell

10. Mountable

The first Mentoring Session is titled “The Implementation Case Study of Artificial Intelligence in Indonesia”. This session introduced a larger knowledge around Artificial Intelligence and its impact in modern Indonesia, with inviting experts on the subject matter. The first mentor is Richard Dharmadi, Product Owner of Nodeflux. In his presentation, Richard explained how artificial intelligence and machine learning works, and their use cases in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era. Meanwhile, the second mentor is Tubagus Dhafin, Lead Data Scientist at Volantis. Dhafin emphasized the difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning, as well as more use cases of it in products.

Two days later, the participants were back on @america to attend the first session of Innovation by Design. This session was lead by Lina Sulimin, and introduces the teams to their respective group facilitators. It ran for 3.5 hours and encouraged the participants to look at their projects from a different perspective through the Human Centered Design method. Innovesia’s Human Centered Design is classified through 3 phases; Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation, with the former (Inspiration) being the main focus for this session.

Last week’s activity concluded on March 16th, with the second Mentoring Session, titled “The implementation case study of Internet of Things in Indonesia”. Like its title, this Mentoring Session revolved around Internet of Things, and invited experts regarding the topic. The first mentor, Diandra Yulius from Celerates, discussed the components of Internet of Things, such as sensors and networks. Alwin Arrasyid, the second mentor and the IoT Software Lead for DycodeX, also touched around the components of IoT and their relationship, analogizing it to the relationship of the human body.

There are still two weeks left of the Innovators@america program, leading to the Presentation Day on March 30th. The participants are enthusiastic and ready to improve their products with knowledge gained from both Mentoring Sessions and Innovation by Design workshops.

Innovators@america Week 2 & 3: Developing and Implementing Ideas with Mentoring and Design Thinking

The Innovators@america continued its second and third week with a series of mentoring and workshop activities for the participants.

The second Innovation by Design workshop was held on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019. The theme was Ideation, and it was led by Danny Kosasih, with the help of group facilitators for each time. The participants were tasked with defining the jobs-to-be-done and value proposition of their problems and product, based on their results of field immersion with customers from the previous session. After that, the participants were tasked to create their narrative idea or ‘elevator pitch’. The narrative idea can help them to tell their ideas to a person of interest in under one minute.

The third Mentoring Session was held on Thursday, March 21st, 2019. This mentoring session was talking about the study case of implementation of Industrial Technology 4.0 in Indonesia. This session brought out two speakers. The first is Michelle Arifin, Market Developer Leader for GE Indonesia. In her presentation, Michelle talked about the state of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Indonesia, and its impact on manufacturing. The second speaker is Dony Riyanto, CTO of PT Meeber Technology Indonesia, who talked about the implementation of IoT through programming and hardware systems.

The last session, the third Innovation by Design workshop, was held on Wednesday, March 27th, 2019. Led by Danny Kosasih, this session helped the participants implement their ideas. This final session was held in preparation for the Presentation Day, and participants are encouraged to create a pitch deck to help them present their ideas to the masses. The pitch deck was to include things such as job-to-be-done and value proposition, which they defined on the previous session.

The final activity, Presentation Day, was held on Saturday, March 30th, 2019. On this day, the participants were presenting their idea and project to the public. Each participant was given 5 minutes to present. Participants were also given a booth to display their product, and had an exhibition session where all attendees can visit each booth to learn more about each team. After all the sessions were done, Innovesia and the facilitators assessed all teams and decided on 3 top teams. Those teams are:

1. nyayur

2. Mountable

3. RumahTernak

The selected teams will collaborate further with Innovesia to develop their product, and get a chance to test them with the desired market.

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