Design Thinking for The Management Development Program, Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN)


In collaboration with IPMI International Business School, Innovesia Conducted Design Thinking workshop at Perusahaan Gas Negara. Along with over 90 Participants coming from Management Development Program. We delivered Innovesia’s Design Thinking process; Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation.

There are 3 challenge they should be tackled by groups:

  • How Might We adapt to changes in the business environment for sustainable business?
  • How Might We embrace the changes of customer behavior with innovative ideas?
  • How Might We enable our products to fit into new customer segment?

Grouped into 6. Each group received 1 challenge to be solved, they did immersion to gain insights from targeted customers. 6 prototypes were generated from the each batch workshop.

The workshop conducted in 3 batch and participant can follow the process the workshop well

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