On 2nd-3rd of March 2019, Innovesia and Makedonia supported a Hackathon event held by United Nations Development Program Biodiversity Finance – UNDP BIOFIN, as a part of BIO ECON EXPO to introduce the importance of Biodiversity Finance – raising and managing capital and using financial incentives to support sustainable biodiversity management.

Participants can choose over three main themes, Innovation in biodiversity data management, Raising awareness toward biodiversity issues, and Sustainable land and marine management. The event collected 30 candidates from Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta regions, who submitted their ideas by the end of February. They were then selected together by UNDP and Innovesia, and shortlisted to be 9 teams with various biodiversity issues from Waste Management, Biodiversity Exhibition for education, IoT system to help farmers manage their lands and crops, to managing forest fire.

During the Hackathon over the weekend, the shortlisted teams were guided by 5 Mentors and 2 Facilitators from Innovesia, worked for 24 hours straight from 14.00 pm on 2nd of March 2019, competing to showcase their best prototype before the judges. During breaks, they had some inspiration sessions given by BikinBot, who demonstrated 3D printing technology, Ibu Rina Agustin Indriani of Kementerian PUPR who gave insights from Government Point of View of waste management, and an online mentoring session from New York by Daniel Oscar Baskoro, an ICT for Development Researcher at Columbia University New York.

On 3rd March, Alam Kita from Bandung was announced as the Winner of the competition, winning Rp. 15 mio. They created BioMaze which combine hands-on experience, AR, VR, and games application for interactive, simple and accessible learning methods about ecosystem, nature and its biodiversity, to raise issues of lack of understanding and awareness amongst Indonesians on biodiversity.

On second place, came Wastebender who created an automatic waste processor to help eco-conscious people and busy parents in reducing their organic waste easily, faster, and efficiently. The third place won by Bio NL who developed WESTI – a platform for restaurant food waste management. They utilized picture recognition technology to detect the kind of vegetables and fruits thrown to the bin, then converting the data to be in monetary value, so the restaurant will always be informed on their waste value. The objective is to push restaurant efficiency on their operating and inventory cost to boost profit margin, reduce the carbon footprint & methane gas produced by food waste.

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