Designing Business Innovation in Industrial Revolution 4.0


Innovesia held a public workshop on December 17 to 18. Under the theme “Designing Business Innovation, the era of industrial revolution 4.0”, the workshop focused on what challenges that people will face in the future and how we should face it by preparing the business design.

The workshop is a series of agile methodology workshops and this time we applied Design Thinking methodology to enable the participants to open their mindset on innovation.

Facilitated by Lina, participants must complete Innovesia’s Design Thinking methodology stages ahead of generating their innovative outcomes. The 3 stages are:

  2. IDEATION, and

“Facilitating Design Thinking is exciting and fun,” said Lina after the workshop finished. She continued with, “All of us learn, discuss and debate that is focusing on innovation.”

As excited as Lina, we are glad to meet with passionate people in innovation and we invite you to join us in the next session!


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