Design Thinking for Innovation in The Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0


In collaboration with IPMI International Business School, Innovesia holds a lecturing session to Semen Indonesia’s executives. The focus is how to innovate in the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

By using Design Thinking methodology, Innovesia shares all of its stages to the participants.

The session was attended by 30 participants and they were grouped into five. Each group held one challenge to be discussed and to be solved with their chosen solution at the end of the session. There were five prototypes generated as the solution to the problems/challenges.

Business Model Innovation with WIKA

How curious are you to experience learning Business Model Innovation? Collaborating with IPMI International Business School, on 26 March 2019 Innovesia conducted Business Model Innovation workshop for 30 WIKA Middle Management. The participants were split into 5 groups where each was given a specific challenge to solve. Throughout the process, …

Re-inventing TPM with Design Thinking

In collaboration with IPMI International Business School, Innovesia conducted Design Thinking workshop with Semen Indonesia. This time the workshop aims to reinvent TPM with Design Thinking. We were over the moon to have them in our workshop at Tuban. Attended by 16 participants, they were grouped into 3. Each group received …

Innovate to face a disruptive world

As the world is entering Industrial Revolution 4.0, each organization should be ready to adapt all changes inflicted. Organization needs to identify the changes and impacts to the business, find the best talent to adopt it for the future of the business itself and build a strategy to face it. …