Customer voice development with ESQ Business School


Design Driven Entrepreneurship class with ESQ Business School students

Innovesia delivered Design Thinking course at ESQ Business School, Jakarta. Along with over 50 students coming from sharia business management we delivered Innovesia’s Design Thinking process; Insights, Ideation, and Implementation. During the course, students were grouped into 20.

The purpose of this course is to emphasize insights as the critical point in the early stage of establish a business. Students were equipped with tools to gain customer insights through empathy process by having observation, ethnography, and interview. Students were also defining the customer’s need, want, demand and jobs. The most challenging phases were 1) whenever they must hold their judgment and 2) try to listen what their customer really need in form of the jobs.

The Ideation process encouraged students to build ideas over someone’s mind, it can come purposefully or unintentionally. Through collaborative idea development, we can get new perspectives and it will help to surface new thinking and possibly a lightning bolt or two. As far as we know, students are always grouchy and grumpy with class quiz, peculiarly the gamification in the class quiz drives the students’ excitement to do the evaluation process.

By the end of the course, students presented their findings from customer’s mind, developed ideas into visual communication by using storytelling and role-play. This gave them new perspectives on how to deliver their findings, their ideas and prototypes. Surprisingly, some of the students brought the new products during the audition in front of the panel of judges.


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