Design Thinking on Evidence Summit 2017


Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (Indonesian Academy of Sciences) or AIPI held Evidence Summit 2017 on Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality at Gedung Perpustakaan Nasional, Jakarta. Innovesia is appointed by AIPI to give a hand on facilitating the summit. This event is conducted from October 4 to 5, 2017 and attended by more than 130 participants who have direct or indirect contribution in the processes of maternal and neonatal health activities. Seven best recommendations are selected through deep conversation and selection by related parties.

Opened by welcoming remarks from minister and committee’s representative on Theater Room, participants then move to workshop rooms on level 17th. There are seven rooms provided by the committee according to each Topic Area (TA). Each room focuses on different TA and using Nominal Group Technique (NGT) to get participants more focus, to maximize the timing, and for workshop to go well.

The TAs are:

  1. Improvement of Quality of Care (Healthcare Provider and Place of Birth) in Public and Private Sectors;
  2. Improvement of Quality of Care (Neonatal) in Public and Private Sectors;
  3. Improved Referral System at Community and Facility Levels;
  4. Implementation of Universal Health Care (UHC), Including Increased Utilization of Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) Services and Improved Financial Protection of the Poorest and Most Vulnerable;
  5. Improved Local Governance Systems Influencing Health;
  6. Improved Utilization of Evidence for Decision-Making in the Public and Private Sectors; and
  7. Implementing the Equity of Women to Support “4 Pillars of Safe Motherhood”.

The summit generates seven outputs from the seven TAs. Each output is related to the TA and contains recommendations that should be phrased to the Minister of Health during the summit day 2.

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