Design Thinking course for MMUI students


We’re back for the 3rd period of Design Thinking course at MMUI (University of Indonesia Graduate School of Business & Management).

Along with over 200 new students coming from various background we delivered the Design Thinking module and tools in September 2017. Learning from our experience, we added new module for this year, of which included the Synthesizing and Storytelling.

200 students were grouped into 25 groups, and given with specific focus of industry to work their group work and solution. By the end of the class, the students presented their prototypes using storytelling and roleplay, and they’re not allowed to use PowerPoint or any usual presentation slides. This gave them the different level of presentation and audition to sell their ideas/ prototypes to the stakeholder and panel of judges.

We’ve got very positive feedbacks from the students, sourced from our post-course survey and participated by 100+ students. 3 main advantages that they experienced from the course: shifting their mindsets, a fit method to help them in their jobs and study, and a new learning on collaboration. And the 3 concerns that they wish to improve: they wish they had no time limitations or needed more time to work on their assignments, they expect to enroll the course in a full scale of course, and they expect to get more involvement from the group facilitators’

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