Co-creation Real Time Water Pressure Sensor for PDAMs


Moving away from the image of “Makers event organizer”, Makedonia Makerspace & Innovation Hub is now focusing more on the implementation of Maker’s innovation into the real world.

Assigned by IUWASH Plus and in collaboration with Innovesia and Makers, we developed the prototype of a real-time water pressure sensor for two (2) PDAMs (Kota Bekasi & Kota Bogor), that is not only providing the self-sustaining strategy after 6 months installation and monitoring period, but also replicable in many parts of the province in Indonesia.

We just had a very productive workshop where we engage stakeholders from different bakcgrounds (IOT Makers, USAID program partner, PDAM Bogor and Bekasi representatives) through series of group excercises following Human Centered Design approach.

The objective of the workshop is to co-create 2 designs of Open Source Real -Time Water Pressure Sensor prototypes to be be developed by our maker partners, and installed at PDAM Bogor and Bekasi under the USAID funded OSH Development project.

The progress of this project will be shared publicly, as part of our sustainability strategy so others can learn to develop or update the design in the future, once the device installed and the project completes in 6 months. You can follow our activities at our website: or Facebook: Maker Indonesia Follow our linkedin too : MakeDoNia MakerSpace


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