Building eCommerce capability for BNI’46 Rumah Kreatif in Banyuwangi


Innovesia has been appointed as Innovation Consultant by BNI’46, one of the biggest banks in Indonesia, to create a wider market opportunity for local SMEs in Kabupaten Sleman and Kabupaten Banyuwangi, as part of BNI’46 corporate social responsibility. We set up the channel and created the Blue Print to enable local SMEs marketing their products and offerings to the global network through eCommerce platform.

Going to extra mile, we’re not only training the local SMEs players but also guiding them to create contents and promotional activities for their products. Moreover, we also conducted many guiding activities to help to develop the Standard Operating Procedures which suit to the eCommerce Platform. In the later stage, Innovesia has done Prove of Concept (PoC) in the area of eCommerce platform for the local SMEs.


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