Design Thinking for School of Idea


SOI is one of flagship programs of StudentXCEO community, designed to accommodate students in learning directly about an issue, concept or skill from inspirational figures, and to develop themselves both from hard skill and soft skill.This event is held once in two months which is packaged in the form of training /workshop as a means to:

  1. understand the proposed concept/issue,
  2. increase the detailed knowledge about the concept/issue,
  3. apply in real simulation (case Simulation).

On this SOI invited Innovesia team to create a Design Thinking class where to play the role of trainer. The event is an Exclusive Meeting, which is only attended by a maximum of 30 participants, which hope to further trigger ideas and two-way discussion actively. SOI knowledge and experience will also be shared through various media to provide great impact, in addition, SOI also runs some projects as a follow-up of the knowledge/understanding / improvement of skills SOI gets.

  • For the training and workshop, we purposely set the objectives:
  • Learn to define, structure, analyze and prioritize what Indonesia’s main problems are
  • Get infused with the right mindset and empathy to develop creative thinking and innovative thinking to solve Indonesia’s problems
  • Gain an understanding of the right methodology and systematic approach for human-centered design to solve Indonesia’s problems
  • Implementing techniques to translate ideas into prototypes and gain feedback for improvement
  • Learn to collaborate in solving problems in team or individual

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