Building Strategic eCommerce Road Map & Blue Print for BNI’s Rumah Kreatif


As one of the biggest banks in Indonesia, Bank BNI 46 has established a strong foundation in Indonesia economy through its banking and financial services. Bank BNI 46 has tremendous amount of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as long term customers which have a pivotal part of BNI’s growth in the past 2 decades.

One of the BNI’s programs to accelerate strong business acumen among local community, is the establishment of Rumah Kreatif (Creative House), a Hub for SMEs to promote their products and then to channel it to wider market, national and international. Furthermore, BNI has also nurtured and grown local SME players  to create and promote potential product which demanded by the consumers and customers.

Due to the changes in the market landscape, with the bigger competition coming from e-Commerce, now they’re facing big challenge to sustain Rumah Kreatif. BNI invited Innovesia for consulting project with objective to design and build the strategic road map and blue print for BNI’s Rumah Kreatif to go into broader market through e-Commerce and digitalization. This task is now performed under BNI’s division of consumer banking and digital banking, and then partnering side-by-side by Innovesia to build the blue print.

In order to undertand the current market situation and to gain insights from the Rumah Kreatif SMEs, Innovesia conducted Design Thinking workshop in two regencies: Kabupaten Banyuwangi and Kabupaten Sleman.

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