Human Centered Design To Generate Solutions to Increase Mothers and New Born Survival


Mothers and New Born health and survival have been a serious issue to be tackled in Indonesia. To generate solutions for this issue, we should find a different approach. Innovesia was engaged by Jhpiego, EMAS and GKIA (widely recognized international health organizations) joint forces to conduct Human Centered Design Workshop to generate Solutions to increase Mothers and New Born Survival.

The problem statements are:

  1. Indonesia did not meet the  MDGs for maternal or newborn mortality
  2. Most maternal and newborn deaths in Indonesia occur in hospitals
  3. Most of these deaths are preventable
  4. For the most part, human, financial, regulatory and infrastructural resources already exist
  5. New ideas are needed to harness these existing resources to eliminate preventable maternal and newborn mortality in Indonesia

The workshop was parcipated by 77 participants, 4 observers and 1 sponsor as observer. 80% participants stayed until workshop finished. Other left due to other meeting commitment and catching up transportation to go back home. Most of participants were very much active and involved. Speaking of participants background, many of them are coming from Like & Unlike Minded, as follows:


The workshop was conducted in 3 sessions; Insights – Ideation and Implementation. Participants were grouped into 8 groups with mixed background to enrich insights from different perspectives.

At first stage, we brought the participants to empathize the Mothers and New Borns situation. We played videos and displayed pictures of Mothers and New Borns to stimulate their empathy. After a deep empathy exercise, the participants were intrigued more to ideas generation. We asked them to imagine beyond their wild ideas in order to generate an innovative solution. Most of the time we reminded the participants to not limit themselves only onto the current or existing solutions. But to free themselves for unusual ideas, centered in the Mothers and New Born health and survival at the hospital.

By end of the workshop, all 7 groups managed to come up with each solutions. Please watch this video below:

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