Cultivating The Innovation-based Culture in KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry)




Komisi Tetap Inovasi (Innovation Permanent Committee) is one of the permanent committees under Industri Tradisional Berbasis Budaya (Cultural-traditional base industry) which resides in KADIN’s (Kamar Dagang & Industri Indonesia / Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry) for the year of service in 2015 to 2020. The committee members are:

  • Chairwoman: Syarika Bralini (Reverie House)
  • Vice Chairwoman: Adriana Dio (Reverie House)
  • Vice Chairman: Yurry Razy (Innovesia)
  • Vice Chairman: Danny Kosasih (Innovesia)

Our mission is to cultivate innovation based on Indonesian culture. Indonesia is rich in culture and famous in traditional heritage. Innovation has been in our DNA, inherit from our ancestors. Indonesian created lots of arts, crafts, architectures, patterns etc of which gained world recognition, such as: Batik, Balinese craft, Wayang puppet, and Borobudur temple.

Even though KomTap Inovasi is newly established within KADIN, we have been encouraging other committees in KADIN to think and practice innovation in the organization. On September 28th, 2016, KomTap Inovasi ITBB conducted a special workshop to KADIN members, called: Human Centered Design for Innovation workshop. The workshop featured Syarika, Yurry, Ina, and Dirra as the facilitators.

The theme was “Batik”, and the challenge was how can we create innovation using Batik as our cultural source.

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