How to Educate Anti-Corruption to Young Generation?


Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi / KPK (Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission) knows very well, basic education and knowledge are one of the keys to achieve future state of Indonesia’s freedom from corruption practice. Even though corruption has been inseminated in our culture – like it or not that we do realize that we have the “corruption culture”, KPK believes in behavior changes through younger generations. They should not be corrupted, and it’s our job to protect and educate them about corruption. It’s very important to increase the level of anti-corruption literacy among youngsters, in order to build their awareness of corruption practices, and how to avoid it.

Innovesia, represented by Yurry Razy – our Partner and also Chief Implementation Officer and Rifan – our Business Innovation Manager, were invited by KPK – Anti Corruption Learning Center (ACLC), in June 2016, to conduct a Design Thinking workshop to their volunteers and key staffs. The objective is how to infuse the mindset among young generation to prevent corruption.

We believe innovation can also happen in public sector and even in anti-corruption matter. We were thrilled and so proud to see the young generation of Indonesia at ACLC, were really energetic and enthusiast in learning and practicing Design Thinking method. We emphasized them that in limited time of workshop, we aimed to shape their mindset first and with the proper process to innovate in anti-corruption sector.


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