DT short course at BMW – The Innovation Festival


BMW Indonesia held an amazing event to celebrate innovation in Indonesia in conjunction of centennial celebration of BMW worldwide and the launch of the all new BMW X-1. It was on May 29th, 2016, the program called “The Innovation Festival 2016”, taken place in Ciputra Artpreneur, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta.

There were many technological talks by foremost tech thinkers, doers and evangelist. Including many showcases on latest technologies like Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic, Autonomous driving, and modular electronic for prototyping (Littlebits, showcased by Makedonia Makerspace and Innovation Hub).

Innovesia was also invited to give a short course on Design Thinking. The participants were the festival’s visitors. It was a very amazing experience to collaborate with BMW Indonesia in bringing more innovation awareness to Indonesians.

file_002 the-innovation-festival-2016_28-may_ciputra-artpreneur


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