DT for Airport Service Innovation – PT Angkasa Pura I


Airports in Indonesia have been re-innovating. Not just the building, airplane runways, equipment and decoration, but also airport services. It’s very important that the people, process and service are getting into the customers shoes (passengers, airlines employees and etc) to provide an innovative way of whole airport experience.

The airport’s jobs to be done is not merely as a hub for air flight departure by plane. An airport can serve the needs of customers to be productive while waiting for the flight. It also can give the family experience of fun and joy.

Last May 2016, I was asked by MMUI and PT. Angkasa Pura I (state owned company for airports service and management) to conduct Design Thinking workshop. As usual, we started with what is the Job-To-Be-Done for airport service to the customers? Then we identified what are the gains and pains? All of these will lead to what products and services that we can offer to fulfill the customers-jobs-to-be-done?


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