Tubaba Regency embraces social innovation through Human Centered Design


Tulang Bawang Barat (Tubaba) Regency is one of regencies in Lampung Province, Sumatra Island of Indonesia. This regency was established in 2008. As relatively new regency in Indonesia, Tubaba has no competitive natural resources such as oil, neither tourism destination and only survives in commodity and trade such as rubber, cassava and other plantation.

The new Head of the regency, Bp. Umar, is a visionary man who wants to develop his regency into one of most reputable regencies in Indonesia. He wanted to start first with improving the quality of public service. He understands that the competitive advantage of a country is heavily depends to its people capacity and competency. In order to achieve his vision and mission, he invited innovators, artists, makers, designers, and many of prominent Indonesian thinkers to help him to build his regency.

Innovesia was asked by Bp. Umar to conduct a mind-set changing workshop to his administration staff. He believes to start a social change, must start from changing the mind-set. Innovesia then set up a 2 days workshop of Human Centered Design for Social Innovation to 35 selected public servants of Tubaba administration on May 27-29, 2015 in Bali.

Why in Bali? Because we wanted to give inspirational and vibrant environment for the public servants to think more creative and innovative. We also told the story of why Bali is very famous in the world. Bali is most well known not only on its natural beauty and scenery. But Bali is also famous because its art, sculpture and craft. Once upon a time, the King of Bali urged his people to learn and apply art and crafting. In to do so, he invited famous painter, sculptor and craft maker from around the world, to teach Balinese kids on how to paint, sculpt and craft. He gave them land, house and even wives to make them stay in Bali. Now the result is truly seen.

The workshop also invited our network of Social Innovators and Technologists to mentor the public servants. They also worked together in group to solve the challenge that we gave in the workshop, which was: How might we empower Small Medium Enterprises in Tubaba to be able to compete with other regions in Indonesia?

In Bali, we taught them the step-by-step and modes of Human Centered Design. By end of the workshop they developed and built prototypes. Aside of in-class room workshop, we took the participants to Permaculture Village in Ubud. We learned about how to produce a good agriculture output in small land. Then we also took the participants into field immersion in Ubud market. Whereas we observed and interviewed locals and foreigners to undertands the customers needs in developing trade and commerce in souvenirs market.

The results were amazing. One of the prototypes was “Desa Tangkap Ayam  or (Catch) Chicken Run Village”. The challenge is they wanted to be the number one poultry (chicken) supplier to Jakarta, Indonesia’s Capital. Chicken Run village is a people festival in one village, which produces chicken poultry. Then they catch as many as they can any chicken running in the village. This wild idea has addressed two breakthroughs: building the awareness of Tubaba as number one chicken poultry producer by making festival, and increasing the productivity of chicken poultry. Others are online commerce for watermelon end-t0-end process to marketplace.

These workshop results amazed Bp Umar as he said he never thought that his public servants could be so creative and innovative. He’s satisfied of the results and now he’s developing the selected and urgent prototypes into realization.


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